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Saturday, December 30, 2006


Hahaha red dragon tagged me. This is gonna be the longest post ever.. So I'm supposed to list all my nick names I've ever had. Ok. Get ready. Here goes...

List of lifetime nicknames:

Fengy - derived from the word Feng Shui. Google it you lazy sod.

The End.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!!

The day when we remember how a woman gave birth to a special baby in a barn. Such humble surroundings to be born in, for such an important person. And while you, a no body, sit there in your comfy sitting rooms, with heating, opening gifts that further make your lives even more luxurious, spare a thought for the person who was born in that barn and later lived such a humble life.

For those who don't believe in this feast, celebrate love, friendship, forgiveness and charity with us. Share in the joy that compassion towards mankind gives you. Go visit someone you haven't seen in a while. Make up with someone you had an argument with. Give something to charity, feed a stray cat in your street. Christmas is about alot of things that the whole world, irrespective of the faiths, has in common.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Pain in the...

Here it is. That rare, elusive post about something that happened in my real life. Get your popcorn...

So, it was Friday, the day I would go to my first ever "Parent's Day". The day I used to hate when I was a kid at school. But now, the day I was so eager to go to since it won't be about ME. lol.

As usual, I have to get everyone ready while the man lounges lazily on the sofa. It's 15 minutes before our appointment, and I'm angrily moaning at him to get a move on. He is ready in 5 minutes, grabs the youngest and heads for the car. Leaving me to get all the toddler paraphanelia. I put my shoes on on the stairs, turn round in a hurry and loose my footing. Thank God I didn't have the little one in my arms and that my daughter was a few stairs above me not below. As my foot bent under my weight, I heard a series of cracks and excruciating pain that reduced my to tears. The pain started easing with the immediate swelling (that pushes against the nerves) and I could limp a bit..

After the meeting with the teacher, I went to hospital to get it checked out. 3 hours upon arriving, I am still waiting to have an X-ray taken. Then, after having it taken and seen to by the doctor, she asks for my file to assess the "scar" on the bone I have from a previous injury years ago. 30 minutes later, no file has been delivered. I get fed up and tell the doc I'm going home... she asks me to stay a bit more, but I have decided. I'm leaving. She gave me her number to call back and get a reply on what they find.

Two hours later, I call, and the file hadn't been delivered yet! :O

I call back an hour after that, and they got my file, but half of it is missing.
*falls over*
*gets up*
*falls over again*

Chopper's tips for getting through post 9-11 airport security.


Saturday, December 09, 2006

It is better than YOU!

Hah! I bet you always thought you're the best being to grace this earth, the ultimate creation, the top of the range model of animal species.

It's time to learn the truth. LOL

It is better than you.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Fang

It's been exactly 4 years since she died. The Fang was family to me. She was the laziest of all but she loved every one. She was never afraid of visitors and she was the calmest, most docile animal I have ever known. Sometimes I had to check that she was still breathing. My worst nightmare would be to find her dead. She wasn't a young cat. She was born in May 1985 ... so she lived for over 17 years. We practically grew up together. One of my earliest memories is of her being born, in a box on the stairs to the roof, near a sink... (don't ask. It was a 400 year old house LOL)

Her coat was a velvety thick black, turning reddish brown as the roots. She had the most sparkly big emerald green eyes and used to sleep for hours in a patch of sunlight or infront of the gas heater. At nights, she made a great substitute to a hot water bottle. Aaahhh the memories.. cold feet where the least of my worries.

We used to say she 'talked'. Each time we called her name or a variant of it, she'd reply.





"Fangle fumps?"


"Foossy Fang!"

"Meeeh?" al.

Oh how I miss her! *sheds a tear*

We never forgot you, Fangle Bangle.

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