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Friday, November 24, 2006

Cinema Trailers


Thanks to XQ, for this link. It's a hilarious impersonation of that voice over you so often hear in movie trailers, when out at the cinema.. Definately a must watch!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Brand Me.

Why is it that even though people come out of good schools, hold good jobs and consider themselves a bit intellectual, they still call a vacuum cleaner - a "Hoover", a flask - a "Thermos", pen - "biro", scouring cream - "Jif", bleach - "hi-gene", etc... irrespective of what brand name they really are.

It's like when we call a man we don't know, "Chah-ly" or "Joe"...
Can you imagine referring to every car you see as a "Poo-gu"?

So now, with brand Malta... what are we supposed to be called? Pastizz? LOL!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

A weekend trip.

This is one of them rare moments when I actually put something I did into "ink". This weekend we went camping! Woohoo! Not the kind of rainforest trekking where you have to drink drops of dew collected on oversized leaves and eat bugs the size of your finger to survive. We were not chased by rhinos, and we didn't even get malaria. But I did burn my hand. :D

After we erected our means of shelter, (a three roomed tent), the alpha male proceeded to "Make of the Fire". With his primeaval gathering instincts, he brought much fire wood to the entrance of the cave. "Look after it woman. We cook in this." He then made a fire pit and put the fire wood in it. The alpha male stood, tall, his mighty chest glistening with sweat in the sun, and in a flash, he created fire right before our eyes! He then put his lighter to a charcoal bud which instantly caught, and lit the rest of the wood up. Bravo alpha male! Tonight, you hit me on head with wooden club and then me suck your d*ck to for make gratitude.

He proceeded to cook the meat that someone else caught, killed, skinned and marinaded by carefully placing it on a wire grill over the fire.

We ate, we put the kids to sleep and we drank .. (yes, in that order ;) ) and we did much talking ...

To put it simply, camping alone has it's own advantages. :D

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Borat Goes Wine Tasting...

ROFL!!! This has to one of the funniest Borat clips I've seen so far! I'm dying to see the film but until then, I gotta share this with you readers of thy blog.

Warning: Contains explicit images, ie. if you are under 18 you're gonna want to see it even more.

On the occasion of the republicans major losses at the American mid-term elections, I am celebrating with this beautiful bit of work.

Please meet the genius behind Bush's speeches.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Riding nerdy. No, white and dirty. No... erm...

Yes. Another Youtube vid. Been spending too much time on it, I know.. but you might even see some of yourself in this video.

Think you've *heard* this before huh?

Gotta hand it to "Chamillionaire" for making braces and big ears fashionable.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Why women prefer to stay single.

There was a time when men thought that marrying a girl was an 'act of charity'. To support her, to feed her, protect her and give her a roof over her head. Women were grateful that someone, anyone took them because God forbid they ever be 30 and still single.

So, men are confused by in recent times, many women choose to stay single. And I'm here to help them understand.

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