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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Ahh finally..

Finally I have mustered the courage to write in here again. Anyone who knows me, know that I always start something and usually lose interest after a while. And I had lost it. So much so that posting here seemed very daunting..

But here I am. And today I shall rant on some of the events of today.

*Does everyone need to shout so loud when I'm coming out of that delicate moment between the state of sleep and the state of being awake?

*WHY does the butter finish when I'm in a hurry to make school lunches?

*Who's the genious that organises road works on major roads, slap bang in the middle of the morning rush hour?

*Who's that idiot that almost rammed my car?

*When is this song going to stop playing in my head?

*How can I make time stand still?

*Do my thoughts really need to haunt me so?

*How will I get through this weekend?

*Would have taking up drugs been an easier addiction to deal with?

*And lastly, how bored must I be to be writing in here again?

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