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Monday, May 05, 2008

Big Big Changes.

I haven't really posted in here in a long time.. and the reason is that other things have been consuming my thoughts and time.

But here I am, been awake for 3 hours and it's too late to sleep now. So, I thought I could ramble on and on in here till it's time to get moving.

It's Mother's Day soon.. and this time, I'm not expecting anything. I know that what ever DOES happen on that day is just the obligatory 'just to shut me up' thing.. and that's not really what I need. Instead of some meal, I'll drag the man's butt to my beauty salon and make him pay for something I'm going to enjoy BY MYSELF. Or maybe with my own mother.

So for mother's day, please.. just get lost! I am a mother the other 364 days of the year. Just give me one .. just one day of leave!

Anyways .. so dear husband, if you are reading this (rofl) now you know what I want.

Then.. comes our anniversary. This is going to be.. just awesome. :) I can already see it. A card .. probably with a heart on it.. which will probably read "To my Valentine" or something. And his idea of a weekend get-away will be an over night camping trip with the kids. A trip I will have to pack for and prepare for. A trip that would consume more preparation time than actual camping time. Ah well. At least there is a lovely walk around there..

Mother's Day next year will be very different..

Big changes are happening..
..and I'm quitting some addictions and habits..
my addiction to bad food, or too much food,
my addiction to biting my nails - a habit I've had since my memory can take me back..
my habit of trying to please people who don't give a shit about pleasing me..
my habit of living in bed clothes,
my habit of spending my every cent on everyone but myself.

Some addictions and habits I intend to keep.
Like my addiction to the internet.
My addiction to my friends.
My new habit of keeping in touch with my family, especially my dad.
My addiction to music.
My addiction to feeling good and to the people that matter.

This coming month, I have set a few targets.

I'm going to get employed.
I'm going to reach my 10kilo weightloss milestone.
I'm going to paint my fingernails for the very first time.
I'm going to set a plan for the month of June which will include leaving my dead beat husband and marrying the man of my dreams.
I'm also going to stop day dreaming - but I feel my last one should have been included in my 'quitting addictions list'.

Summer of 08'.. here I come!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sorry. I know I've neglected you..

My apologies to those readers who've been coming to look for something new and not finding anything.

Well, truth be told, alot has been going on in my personal life and I haven't been in the mood to blog about ANYTHING for the past 6 months. I still am not.. well not like I used to. And I'd hate to change the humoristic, childish and sometimes down-right silliness of it all.

And in my attempt to do just that (LOL) here's a sad song.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Ahh finally..

Finally I have mustered the courage to write in here again. Anyone who knows me, know that I always start something and usually lose interest after a while. And I had lost it. So much so that posting here seemed very daunting..

But here I am. And today I shall rant on some of the events of today.

*Does everyone need to shout so loud when I'm coming out of that delicate moment between the state of sleep and the state of being awake?

*WHY does the butter finish when I'm in a hurry to make school lunches?

*Who's the genious that organises road works on major roads, slap bang in the middle of the morning rush hour?

*Who's that idiot that almost rammed my car?

*When is this song going to stop playing in my head?

*How can I make time stand still?

*Do my thoughts really need to haunt me so?

*How will I get through this weekend?

*Would have taking up drugs been an easier addiction to deal with?

*And lastly, how bored must I be to be writing in here again?

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